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The setting of Aemaeth is set near the end of medieval times. It is set in two major areas, one of them being above ground, the other below.

Far below the earth's crust is the portion of Aemaeth that was swallowed in a tremendous earthquake several decades ago. This part of the lost city is known as Old Aemaeth, or the Old City. It is where the vast majority of the darker races dwell, such as the vampires, the demons, and other similar creatures. It is a dark and somber city as one might expect, almost all of it rebuilt after it was so violently swallowed during the quake. Within it, one would find most things in any other city of it's time. There are quaint little shops, inns, and sprawling homes. It is rough, it is dangerous, and can be unforgiving to the weak willed.

Above this dank, subterranean city, there lies the newly rebuilt city known as New Aemaeth. It's inhabitants consist more of the humans, elvenkin, and other assorted races that have wandered in. It too consists of small shops, though more attuned to the needs of it's constituants. There are smitheries, bakeries, tailors, a theater, and of course it's inns and tavern as well. Among the several taverns scattered throughout New Aemaeth, or the New City as some call it, most seem to gather at one of the more boisterous ones known best as 'The Lucky Albatross'.

Through the many tunnels that have been dug over the years the creatures that dwell beneath in Old Aemaeth are able to reach the newer city above, in order to feed, interact with those that live there, and carry out their clans desires. Things had been much simpler in earlier times, though even from the beginning Aemaeth was always run by vampires, demons, and those of other forsaken bloodlines. It was perhaps irony that the destruction came.

Decades ago, something quite unexpected, something unprepared for occurred, and would change the landscape forever. It would come in the guise of an earthquake. At first the ground merely trembled and shook, then as plates shifted and reorganized, the once great city of Aemaeth would be swallowed many feet below the earth's crust. Some of the remains of the city were lost forever, merely shattered rubble of stone and mortar. As the years passed, however, a greater portion of the lost old city of Aemaeth began to emerge again as reconstruction of it's subterranean dwellers continued.

Of the citizens of Old Aemaeth, the vampires, the demons, and other dark creatures, there became something of a treaty even though separate clans and cliques emerged. Territories and boundaries were set in their dark underground paradise, and thus far few battles have been wrought to test this.

Just as the reconstruction happened below, among lavish palaces of marble and taverns of brick and wood, it would also take place above ground as new settlers began to arrive and make their own homes. Humans, elves, and many other races came to this new place, knowing little of what had happened to the place before their sojourn. Little did they know what evil lurked below, and even less that through tunnels and sewers the vampires and others could emerge onto what became known as New Aemaeth.

Now, nearing the end of what would be known as the mideval times, these two very different worlds collide. Though some traverse both parts of the city, Old Aemaeth and New, few humans go below, and fewer still remain of their own free will, as the vampires continue to rule this their home.

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