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For a copy of the above runic symbol for the Desaxe Clan please send an email request to Mahjarette (At) Gmail (dot) com (no spaces). On the subject line of the email please include the clan name and it will be sent to you for use in a signature for your character.

At first glance, the members of The Desaxe do not appear to be a clan at all; they are chosen from all races, creeds and social strata. But Desaxe, regardless of mortal standing, bear one disturbing likeness: They are all quite mad.

Whether from the clan's choice of victims, the circumstances of the embrace, or something in the blood of the desaxe line, all who become Desaxe go insane shortly after the transformation. Accordingly, many Desaxe find themselves pariahs, ostracized by a vampiric society feared for their random urges and capricious whims.

Those kindred who dare keep them close at hand often prefer their maddening ways and depths of untapped intelligence, beneath the exterior of their lunacy, their random outbursts of rage and incoherent ramblings lie a being extremely under estimated.

To be Announced
To be Announced

Please note that only the leader and Lieutenant of each clan will be listed to preserve space.

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