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For a copy of the above runic symbol for the Dirigeant Clan please send an email request to Mahjarette (At) Gmail (dot) com (no spaces) On the subject line of the email please include the clan name and it will be sent to you for use in a signature for your character.

The Dirigeant...a clan built upon strength, virility and a keen sense of leadership. While it is hardly known now amongst the clans, a long time ago the clans were in alliance. The Dirigeant decided that the other clans should be subservient and took it upon themselves to rid the clans of the ruling elders, having no one to guide them and chaos quickly spreading, the Dirigeant moved into power above all the clans. The Dirigeant knew they would be severely punished for the destruction of the elders, so they had to keep the other clans weak and dependant upon them.

As time has passed the complete rule of the Dirigeant over all faded, each clan grew stronger, tired of the dirigeants ways and broke off to once again form their own.

They are some of the most ruthless and manipulative vampires in existence. They value strength and reward those who possess it.

Tristan Levey

Please note that only the leader and Lieutenant of each clan will be listed to preserve space.

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