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Frequently Asked Questions about Arcane RPG:

1) Where do I sign up?

Answer: There is no signing up or registration at Arcane RPG. As it is free form, you create your character and simply begin playing.

2) How do I get started?

Answer: You will first need to create a character, if you don't already have one. If you are brand new to role play you may wish to go HERE for an explanation on how to create your character. Once that is done you have the option to either write up an introduction of your character's arrival on the message board, or you may choose to play it out in the chat room. The choice is yours. Either way you just pick a setting and jump right on in.

3) Why is there a bot in the room?

Answer: Since most role play here is para style, including fighting, the bot is normally just there to help keep the door open but is loaded with games, links, and various other things.

4) Is there a line limit?

Answer: Not a line limit, but a character buffer. StarChat cuts posts off at 400 characters. HERE is a link to a character counter just in case you need one. Using a character counter and note pad to transfer multiple posts to is easy and works well. You simply type your post in the character counter, check to ensure you have 400 characters or less, then transfer it to the note pad accessory on your computer if you have more post to type out. Though you can only place one 400 character post in the room at a time, you can do multiple posts to continue what you need to play.

5) Can my character pass between Aemaeth and Evernight through a portal or by other means?

Answer: No. This time there is no portal, no way for characters to pass between the settings. There is one little way around this almost. If you wish to, you can play a character almost identical in each setting, just adapt them so they will fit properly. Let's say you have a character named John that would normally be played in a medieval setting but you would like to play him in the modern setting sometimes as well. Just adapt him a little, perhaps his clothing, his possessions, as little or as much as you like. Just remember they are to totally different characters and that the one in the modern setting can't have the same knowledge or memories as the one in the medieval setting. Example: You play the medieval setting John one night and he gets into a fight in a tavern. The next night you play him in the modern settting: he can't be suffering or angry from the scuffle that took place in the tavern.

6) How do I get ops?

Answer: Ops are earned based on several different things. You would need to be at least fairly active in the game for a while (weeks or months.. not just a day or two). You would need to have a very good understanding of the game i.e. the rules, settings, etc and be able to help others with those things if the need arises. Be a good example in role play... in other words, don't godmode or powerplay, and most important be friendly.

7) Why are there two settings on one messageboard/in one room?

Answer: Because the players here wanted not only a medieval setting but a modern setting as well. Sometimes some want to play in medieval, other times in the modern setting. Rather than split up friends between rooms we decided to have dual settings on one forum.

8) Is it always night in Evernight?

Answer: No. It has daylight and night hours just like in the real world. Evernight is just a name, one that was thought up by one of our players then voted in on a poll on our messageboard. Basically it's just a name, and has nothing to do with how much or little of night there is in the setting.

9) What is free form?

Answer: Here are snippets from Wikipedia:

Freeform role-playing games, also called freeforms, are a type of role-playing game which employ minimal or no rules; occupying a middle-ground between traditional role-playing games and improvisational theatre.

The term Free-form is used to describe tabletop role-playing games that remove control of game action, direction, and plot away from the Game Master or "GM" and place it into Player Characters's hands.

"Freeform" can also refer to online text-based role-playing games which lack rules, instead relying on the player's acting abilities and commitment to a good story.

In other words, unlike structured role play, where you are only given certain races, abilities etc that can be acceptable in game, in freeform you have more freedom in choosing what you wish to play. Also there are no levels, experience points or other goodies perse. What your character earns, learns and grows from is entirely up to the player themselves. This is in no way meant to disrespect structured role play or their games, merely an explanation.

10) Wasn't this place Golgotha? What happened?

Answer: Yes for a few years this game/ forum began in July 8, 2003 as Golgotha RPG. On Jauary 1, 2005 we added the original Evernight. For a short while we also had a futuristic setting as well. In early 2007 it was voted unanimously that a total revamp of the game take place. Basically a lot of us had a lot of characters we were at a loss of what to do with after so many players disappered, moved on etc. This also meant a lot of broken storylines. With all of that we decided to just wipe the slate clean and start completely over with brand new settings. On April 19, 2007 we did away with Golgotha, the castle, and everything and in it's place Aemeath was born. During the initial revamp, Evernight was no more, but after a month or so, it was decided collectively to bring back another modern setting. It still has the same name, but as of July 8, 2007 a new Evernight arose. Instead of being just like New York City we opted to make it a strange combination of something like New Orleans and Las Vegas.

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