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Beneath you they devour: the vampires, demons, drow and other creatures of the night.

Many years ago, a devastating earthquake rocked the land of Aemaeth. During this catastrophe, parts of the thriving city were devoured. The earth seemed to simply open wide it's jaws and swallow whole buildings and streets, then close it's greedy mouth. In the wake of the disaster the surviving inhabitants were left in awe, staring over a wide expanse of the city left blank where once lovely shops and homes had stood. Natural caves and caverns already existed below, mostly leading from the Lvctone Sea and snaking under what had once been the fair city of Aemaeth. Most of the buildings that dropped beneath the earth's crust were demolished, as can be imagined, but during the course of time many have been restored either partially or fully. Plenty of brand new buildings have been erected there as well, in what is now known as the Old City.

Dead men tell no tales, and the undead can be just as secretive if not more so. They wouldn't allow the fullness of their underground world to be revealed, and few mortals have survived long enough to divulge much information either. Below is the best account of what lies beneath as was possible to offer.

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