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General Role Play Rules

Arcane RPG is a fantasy based, free form rpg, with one setting nearing the end of medieval times and one modern setting. They are completely different settings and you cannot pass between them. In other words, you can have a character in one of the settings, but they can never travel to the other setting. You may play one character in one setting and have another with the same name, characteristics, etc in the other however, they just can't know what happened to the character of the same name in the opposite setting.

Also only things that would have been found in medieval times are allowed within Aemaeth. This includes weapons, modes of transportation, clothing, etc. Magic is allowed in both settings, however it cannot produce things that couldn't have realistically been found in the setting (in other words no cars, or weapons that couldn't have possibly been in medieval times). To uphold the integrity of each setting both Aemaeth and Evernight are only allowed to have those things which could have/had.

Though the medieval setting is somewhat intended as a vampire rpg, all races with the exceptions of gods, demi gods, and aliens are welcome, the same holds true for the modern setting of Evernight. There are 6 established clans within the medieval setting, however if you wish to create other clans, that is fine. Some clans will already have a leader, and even a second in command. If you wish to work your way up in the clan, with a little time, and some work that is likely. For more information on the clans, refer to the pages for each.

A few rules regarding vampires will be as follows: please role play being changed from human, elven, or whatever your character's original race was to becoming a vampire. (This does not apply if you start your character off as a vampire.) You may do this in the room or on the message board, but please do actually play it out as however you see that might happen. This way there are no instant vampires. Each character is limited to turning 3 characters or npc's into vampires in one real life week. It will be up to each individual player as to whether their vampire (or otherwise) characters can procreate in the usual sense of the word. Only original characters are allowed to be played in Arcane RPG. Your character may resemble, or have pictures of anything or anyone famous or not, but you cannot play the exact creation of someone else. Your character can look however you wish it to, but the character itself has to be of your own creation, not something from a book, movie, television show, anime, video game or any other medium. In other words you cannot play Dracula, Lestat, or any other creation of someone else. They can have a certain amount of similarities just not -be- exactly like a popular fictional or historical figure.

As this is a public role playing game, role play should take place in the main room or on the message board unless it is too adult in nature to be appropriate.

It is considered bad netiquette to pm people in the room you do not know well. Please do not pm others unless you know them reasonably well, unless it is an op and you have a problem to discuss or questions to ask about the game, or other such pertinant questions.

Since this is text based role play, and telling stories, we kindly request that in character you refrain from using chat speak and or abbreviations such as u, ur, b, 2, as an example. Out of character it is fine, but in character please don't use those.

For in character pregnancies we suggest the following time line: 1 real life day =1 rp week. Since a real life pregnancy is considered term at 40 weeks, that would mean your character would need to be pregnant around 40 days, give or take a little for premature births, or if you would like to extend it longer which is fine.

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Other RPG Forums

We have always had a policy of not mentioning other rpg forums. One reason is out of respect both to our game as well as the other forums and their owners. If they aren't allowed discussion there is no chance they would be spoken of negatively. This includes not mentioning other rp forums within chat or on the board, including in signatures. We just ask that other rpg's not be discussed or promoted on Arcane's forum.

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Proactive Role Playing:

This is defined as performing an action which forces another player/character to react whether they wish to or not. Proactive role playing is not acceptable. If a player/character states they do not wish to interact with another player/character or be involved in a storyline they have that choice. Please respect other player's wishes on this matter.

If a player/character does not wish to interact with another player/character then they reserve the right to not have to interact with the party, making any relations, statements, or actions between the two parties nulled unless both parties agree to acknowledge them.

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Character Separation

The separation of characteristics, qualities, memories/ knowledge, and responsibilities (titles and possessions) or characters and also the player.

Character Separation Put Simply:

Two characters are to be played as if it were two separate individuals playing them. Neither of them know what the other character knows, unless told by the other character or by someone else. Nor do they interchange their titles/responsibilities.

Examples of what is definitely not character separation:

1a. Holding a grudge against people under character A that character B has (character A has no reason to have a grudge against the same people as character B unless they did something directly to character A, or if character B is role played as a family member to character A)

1b. Creating a new character just to go and kill another character because you don't want your main character to get killed. That's cowardly and breaking the rule against example 1.

1c. Telling everyone that your one character when your under another. (Example: I am under the nick Mary and I come in the room telling everyone that I am Martha . Those are two different characters and they DO NOT know what the other knows, even though they are Mother and Daughter.)

New Characters:
If killed, a new character starts from scratch unless an op authorizes anything else. They are just another new face. New characters do not and will not pick up where their old character left off.

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Out of Character and In Character OOC (Out of Character) and IC (In Character):

OOC and IC is defined as the separation between the player at the keyboard and the character being played. OOC and IC should and must remain separate at all times if you are to participate in Arcane RPG. You cannot use information gained OOC to use in anyway IC. OOC and IC should not and will not mix in any form. What is said or revealed OOC cannot be used IC until that character actually has learned that information in the course of role play. In no way, shape, or form should OOC play a role in the role play of the game. Killing or attacking another character for OOC reasons will not be tolerated and may result in banishment from the game.

Please use double brackets )) at the end of any OOC statement, question, or comment. This helps differentiate between the two.

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Limited OOC

Arcane RPG is a fairly laid back role playing game, and OOC is allowed. Part of the fun here is getting to laugh at things that take place. Just please know when enough OOC is enough and step back IC. If an op requests you to go back IC, please respect that request and do so.

Greeting players that come into the room (Hello, hi, etc.), announcing an afk (afk), saying good bye, good night, welcome back (wb), thank you (ty), announcing coming back from an afk (back), are all encouraged.

OOC attacks such as name calling of another player obscene or not which degrades their intelligence, experience, (including the word newbie) race, religion, character or player bashing, etc will not be tolerated in the main room or on the message board.

Racist remarks, religion, political views, illicit drug talk are NOT to be discussed OOC. Religious views, political views and anything drug related maybe be discussed IC or done IC but none of it can be discussed OOC in the main room.

If you have a problem with a specific player please discuss the problem in private via whisper or email. If an agreement cannot be met please speak with an op in private about the problem. Please do not bring problems into the main room or message board. Enjoy all the drama you like during play, however out of character drama will not be allowed.

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Fighting/Death of Characters

Were a dispute to break out, both parties would have to both agree to fight and agree on the fighting style. Understand that if your character interacts with another in an aggressive manner such as screaming at, yelling at, cursing, punching, slapping, or any form of action that might be viewed as aggressive to that character and they act in defense or offense you have started a fight and are therefore obligated to role play it in a manner characteristic to your character. Doing such acts then leaving the room, switching characters, or other similar acts are cowardly and will not be tolerated. In other words, if you pick a fight, you deal with the consequences. Also, your character may place a spell on your own personal room or property for safety, should you wish to do so, but that is limited to that character and or their possessions only.

Know that once a character is killed they are dead. There is no coming back, with the exception of actually role playing out them being resurrected, and it being approved by at least one op. Should you decide you wish to have a character resurrected, you have one week to bring them back before their souls are taken to summerland. Once this happens, there's no bringing that particular character back. Otherwise, you have to start all over with a completely different character.

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Sexual Behavior

Actual sexual acts should not be played out in the main room regardless of where they take place within either setting. There are many adult subjects mentioned and or discussed in play and out of character that are of an adult nature in the chat room, however explictly detailed sexual acts will not be permitted in the main room. Kissing, hugging, holding hands, and other actions of the "PG-13ish- NC-17" sort are perfectly fine in the main room. Anything more than �first base� should to go to private. Just to clarify, to make sure we are all on the same page here, this is what wikipedia had to say on that particular subject;

Although details vary, the most broadly accepted description of what each base represented is as follows:

First base is commonly understood to be French kissing, but can also mean any mouth-to-mouth kissing, or to an established romantic relationship in general.

(( Don't worry about the 'established romantic relationship in general.. ' that doesn't really apply I don't think. So, all of the following and beyond this point would need to be rp'ed in private. ))

Second base sometimes refers to fondling or groping, especially of the [[breasts

Third base means giving or receiving oral sex. Can refer to being in the nude as well.]], and possibly sexual stimulation of the genitals from outside of the clothing.

If you are asked by another player or op to respectfully take your sexual actions to private, please do so. Be warned that there are many taboo topics/ storylines/ subject matter in Arcane. Rape, molestation, and incest are among those. Those subjects may be mentioned in character, and perhaps ooc comments regarding them between the players, but of course the actual acts will not be allowed to be played out in the main room. It is up to each player what they are comfortable role playing in pm. If you are not comfortable with something don't hesitate to tell the other player/players involved. If you need help with this don't hesitate to contact an op for assistance.

This is about toilet humor, if you are unsure to what that is, here is what wikipedia defines it as:

Toilet humour or scatological humour is a type of off-colour humour dealing with defecation, urination, flatulence, vomiting and other presumably disgusting bodily functions. Public reference to bodily functions is taboo in many cultures. This genre also sees substantial crossover with sexual humour, such as penis jokes.

In an effort to keep the chat and forum as clean as possible, we ask that there be no toilet humor both in character and out of character.

Lurking AndNon/Role Play

Arcane RPG will uphold and enforce a policy with lurkers(1) and non-RPers(2):

(1)Any person, under any nick, unknown to the ops of Arcane RPG who is found lurking(*) longer than 10 minutes will be asked to leave.(**) Should they fail to respond or refuse to leave(***) they will be promptly kicked. Should this person return, they will not be immediately kicked, however, should they resume lurker status a permanent ban will be immediately implemented.

(2)Any person, frequenting the room that is

(A.)not known to role play in Arcane RPG,
(B.)is not new to the room, and/or
(C.)who has made no indication of interest in role playing in Arcane RPG will be asked to leave.

(**) Should they refuse to leave a permanent ban will be immediately implemented.

* Lurking is the act of having a nick in the room while being away from the computer, or simply sitting idle.

** The judgment of the acting channel-op is all that is required for a kick or ban under these circumstances.

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Godmoding/Moding And Powerplaying

Please note these are sources referenced from Wikipedia, placed here to futher assist you with the proper conduct of Role Play and to avoid situations where you might force a player to react in a way, he or she is not comfortable with.

Godmoding (sometimes incorrectly spelled as "godmodding") is a term used in message board based role-playing games to describe two behaviours of players. The term comes from the "god mode" found in many video games, allowing a player to activate features such as invincibility, unlimited ammunition or lives, or similar power boosts. Godmoding is almost always frowned upon by other members of the game, because it is regarded as a form of cheating against the game's tacit rules.

Passive Godmoding

Godmoding can occur when a player describes an event or a series of events his or her character has taken against another character or interactive object, most often with the purpose of rescinding negative effects previously encountered or granting some other effect inconsistent with an objective view of the narrative. This is sometimes also termed "Powermoding". For example, a character may be afflicted with a disease only curable by rare ingredients, yet another character is "lucky" enough to find these ingredients in ten minutes. Godmoding is thus often used like a "Get Out of Jail Free card" when things don't go the way a player wants, rather than working with previously unfolded events.

It is also used to describe the act of creating or playing with an invincible character or using "perfect" equipment (such as unbreakable armour), or possessing limitless power, etc. Some players will create a brand new character, and that character is automatically gifted with skills, and nearly impossible to take on right from the start. In many cases, this happens when a newer character goes against an established one: the newer player may roleplay his or her character as if it were equal in power and rank to the more experienced one.

Active Godmoding

Godmoding can also refer to the case where a player definitively describes the outcome of their own actions against another character or interactive object. For example, if player A states, "A strikes B and B takes damage", they could be considered to be godmoding. Another example of this might be where a character is facing multiple enemies, and they redirect one foe's attack onto another. For example, Player A states, "B misses A completely, and strikes C instead." This form of godmoding is also referred to as "Autoing". Active godmoding can also take the form of controlling characters that belong to someone else.

Player A: Character A throws a punch at Character B. Player B: Character B dodges the attack, grabs Character A and throws him out of a stained glass window. Character A flies at Character B, who warps behind him and slashes Character A in the back.

"Definition: Powerplaying occurs when a player describes how other players' characters act or react, without consulting the players of those other characters

Godmoding is generally an outright violation of most Roleplaying rules, or at least customs. The general idea behind godmoding, as its name makes evident, is making yourself or your nation godlike in power and unable to die. This is a common problem among people with large egos and small imaginations. While eliminating possible frustration for the player, this can be abused to the point at which RPing is no longer enjoyable. In the Wank-power theorem, Godmoding is defined as making claims above the Wank-power optimum of a player.

Example: "Okay, I just blew up 300,000 of your troops!"

Why this is Godmoding: Because in FreeForm Roleplay, it's up to the person being attacked to determine their own losses.

Also, from another source.......


"Definition: Powerplaying occurs when a player describes how other players' characters act or react, without consulting the players of those other characters.

Powerplaying can occur in the course of RP and in a description. In RP, powerplaying is most often seen when one player writes a statement that suggests that another player's character reacts or acts in a certain manner, to the situation at hand. An example of RP powerplaying would be if Player A and B are role-playing Characters A and B in a physical confrontation, and Player A, without consulting dice, a referee or Player B, poses that Character A hits/frightens/intimidates/makes up with Character B.

With a description, powerplaying is most often seen when a player describes their character in terms of the effect that (they wish) their character has on another character. An example of powerplaying in descriptions is: 'Character A's luscious figure -- a 32, 22, 32 -- sets your mouth to watering and your eyes to wandering over her voluptuous form.'

Also powerplaying is when Player A writes something that indicates what other characters should think, upon looking at their character: 'You realize Character A is one serious hottie, and she's probably a hit at all the barn dances.' or 'This is one of the most lovely woman you have ever seen.'.

The pronoun 'you' is a good cue for a power-playing description -- it implies that the onlooker, be they man, woman, dog, cat, or dust mite, has no choice but to have that reaction that was written by Player A, in his character's description. This is, of course, unfair to any other player whose character that looks at Player A's powerplaying description. Any other player is either faced with the rather unimaginative reaction designated by Player A, or he is forced to ignore Player A's wishes: That Player A's character /will/ elicit these reactions out of all onlookers.

However even general statements in descriptions can be powerplaying. For example: 'Men find Character A's luscious figure mouthwatering and they cannot help but stare at her...' or 'Animal gentle at the very sound of Character A's voice' show similar narrow-mindedness by Player A, who has indicated the inevitable reaction he will allow to his character."

Mainly the biggest difference in powergaming and acceptable role play is attempting to do things to another played character. When a character does an action that isn't attempted it gives the other character much less of a chance to avoid it, and takes away the biggest part of their reaction, forcing them to react in a way that might not be characteristic. This is pretty closely related to modding. If you know the other player well enough, and they are cool with you doing this that is totally different, but if not please don't. In Free Form Roleplay, it's up to the person being interacted with to determine their own damage, capture, reaction,

Good RP prose are devoid of powerplaying; good RPers can usually garner the desired response through and artfully-written description or clever, attentive, engaging RP. Powerplaying is often considered by good RPers to be a sign of immaturity, used by players who are unwilling to /play/ the game with others, but who instead insist only by playing by -their- rules (You will react to my character the way I say you will) and who have not yet learned, or do not appreciate or trust their fellow players to engage in the 'give or take' and spontaneity that marks truly great RP.

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