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As prohibition swept the country in the 1920's they sprang up in most major cities. They were called speakeasies. It was a discrete place a person could sneak off to in those dark and desolate times to purchase something alcoholic to drink. The term itself came from a patron's manner of ordering alcohol without raising suspicion a bartender would tell a patron to be quiet and "speak easy".

It was a lucrative business in it's day for those that were brave enough to rub shoulders with the mafia and side step the authorities. Police corruption at this time was at an all time high in this era. To keep their speakeasies running and their patrons returning, operators commonly bribed police to either leave them alone or at least give them advance notice of any planned raids. The sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol was illegal which meant big bucks to those that could pull it off. Speakeasies were often elaborate, offering food, live bands, and floor shows and this one in particular was no exception.

Back in the day when customers would stumble upon these little gems, the more imaginative ones had secret side doors, and the one in which the Speakeasy Casino and Hotel still resides on even had old tunnels leading across the street to a local brothel, named the KittyKat Club.

Opening it's doors for the first time in March 1920, the single story warehouse style building of brick with wood trim bore no sign of what secret lie beyond it's thresh hold. There was an escape side door and one at the rear. Several escape hatches could be discovered by lifting the floor boards themselves for a swift departure through the narrow tunnels below. All decadence was found within the one single room, from live bands, to little stage shows, small gambling tables, and nearer the front the small eatery. It was after all the roaring twenties, the time of jazz music, the Charleston, flappers, and gangsters like Al Capone.

With the progression of time, and the abolition of prohibition the beloved Speakeasy became almost obsolete. In a city that all but thrived on debauchery such as Evernight, this one at least continued it's business, though now legally. As the city around it grew, so did the club. What was once a one room warehouse was added on, in decades demolished and then a grand new edifice erected in it's place.

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